Rosemount Dance Studio – WordPress Design, Content and SEO

This was an ongoing project for a local dance studio and school who was looking to improve their overall online presence. When I began this project, the studio’s organic search was so deeply buried that end-users were hardly finding this business.

For the period of my tenure (2009-2018), I was responsible for

  • Select a free wordpress theme and modify it to fit the studio’s brand then maintain the site with frequent updates
  • Taking the original site content and re-writing it to reflect a need to attract both end-users and search engines
  • Set-up and maintain maintain multiple social media properties, including facebook, twitter, youtube and google+
  • Select site imagery to reflect the best of what the studio has to offer in any given discipline

The design needed to showcase the excellence that is strived for by each of the students and instructors. This site also needed to

  • Be responsive
  • Easily expandable in order to add monthly content
  • Be robust enough to house both a general consumer and password-protected end-user base

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