Salisbury Multi-Service Firm – Website Design

This UK full-service client wanted to connect with end-users who

  • are closely tied to the local community
  • have a similar feel to the Waitrose specialty grocer chain
  • reflect a middle and upper-middle class sensibility and income (and the firm’s fees)

This project was presented as a clear, specific narrative around a comment made by the firm in the initial planning meeting; “…we are a full-scale law practice with a tremendous reputation for solving even the most adverse legal issues.” The stock images available for their geographic area were all quite Stonehenge-centric, which did not really convey the brand message. When this image was found (and we’ve come to call him ‘Superboy’), the cause and effect of the text-to-image marriage was clear.

This site also needed to

  • be mobile friendly / mobile ready
  • easily expandable in the future as they add more content pages
  • craft the brand to look bigger than the firm really is
  • incorporate the firm’s pre-crafted logo
  • showcase comments by satisfied (former) clients

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