image of Cunningham Swaim homepage banner


This was an online rebranding project for a multi-city law firm, looking to completely update their look from what was online. The firm felt that the visual narrative didn’t fit the firm’s agile and precise legal work. The firm also felt that their previous site was too dark and gloomy, however the logo branding and other marketing materials both played into the darker look and feel. There were multiple points though, based on their product mix, to bring the firm more “design forward” and to better play off the firm’s goals. We discussed the differences between “dramatic’ and “dark” and how we could use drama to visually define the firm. It was with this goal in mind that I began designing a site that included the following:

  • Update the font faces to give the site a very clean look and feel
  • Employ a color scheme that brought drama, but could still feel lighter than the firm’s previous site
  • Employ practice-related images that bridged the gap between traditional navigation images and something that felt newer and fresher
  • Employ a very sleek and up-to-date navigation structure that would translate well from desktop to mobile environments
  • Implement non-traditional animation styles, in this case, lazy load and parallax features that take animation out of the banner

This site was awarded with a 2018 MarCom Platinum Award (FindLaw)

View the full site at Cunningham Swaim, LLP »

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