Menges Law Firm – Website Design

This was an online marketing project for a new law firm in Belleville, Illinois. The primary lawyer is young and wanted something that reflected his youth and energy, but without showcasing him as there was also a concern that his youthful appearance would deter some potential clients from hiring him.

During our initial meeting the firm and I discussed options for how we could dynamically showcase the firm’s practice focus, which emphasizes helping those diagnosed with mesothelioma, but that also didn’t pigeon-hole the firm into a specific demographic. I was keen to help the firm push the visual envelope on this project and so my goals for this website project included:

  • Ensure that there was strong usability, and a very clear focus on the user experience
  • Easy transitioning of visuals and navigation between desktop and mobile views with responsive design
  • Align the site visuals to the overall brand messaging
  • Employ a color scheme that played off the site images, giving the site a cohesive look and that had a clear and defined contrast to ensure readability for the firm’s personal injury clients
  • Selection of site images that did not set the firm distinctly into a single client demographic

This site was awarded with a 2018 MarCom Platinum Award (FindLaw)

View the full site at Menges Law Firm »

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