Photo of the RCR Website Home Screen

River City Rhythm – Website Design + Content + SEO

By far, the most challenging project within the RCR Brand Management, has been the redesign and full rebranding of RCR’s website. The organization’s previous online efforts contained little-to-no written content and the most recent iteration of the site was in a CMS that neither myself, nor any of the colleagues I consulted had ever heard of. After recommending a switch to WordPress and to a new hosting service, I found myself buried in technical elements for which I’d never had to handle before, and subsequently, needing to make a very quick study of domain transfers, DNS host record updates, email configuration and other technical aspects of site work that had already been in place on other projects. In addition to this I am responsible for;

  • Recommend and purchase a WordPress theme and modify it to fit RCR’s brand then maintain the site with frequent updates
  • Writing all new relevant site content to attract both end-users and search engines
  • Select site imagery to reflect the most recent iteration of the brand

The design needed to showcase the excellence that is strived for by the Indoor Drumline, Drum Corps and their respective instructors. This site also needed to

  • BeĀ responsive
  • Easily expandable in order to make frequent updates
  • Have a fully functional donations section that will allow us to both collect and track RCR’s online donors

Screenshots of RCR's Webste

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