This was an online rebranding project for a Cleveland, Ohio law firm, who, like most of my clients were looking to refocus their online marketing and make radical updates to their look from what was online at the time.

The firm felt that their online presence was not powerful enough and felt too antiquated and that opportunities were being missed to grow their brand. Our team identified multiple points of opportunity to help them improve their presence from the visual branding to their social media and the fulfillment team were then tasked to improve upon their previous online marketing strategies. The goals of the updated website included:

  • Improve the usability, user experience and transitioning between desktop and mobile views
  • Update the visuals to play more on the personality of the firm and its practice focus and better align those visuals to the overall brand messaging
  • Employ a color scheme that played off the site images, giving the site a cohesive look
  • Employ a user-friendly navigation structure that would translate well from desktop to mobile environments

The updated site was awarded with a 2018 Web Award – Legal Standard of Excellence

View the full site at Russo, Rosalina & Co., LPA »

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