Starr Law – Website Design + Rebranding

This was another online rebranding project for a prominent Los Angeles “Lemon Law” firm, looking to completely update their look and take them from a “typical lawyer website” to something that felt sleek, like the city of Los Angeles itself. The firm wanted a lot of whistles and bells and there was a very robust conversation about how to improve upon the site that they had previously. Ultimately, to achieve the stated goals I designed a site that included the following:

  • Used sleek font faces to give the site a very clean look and feel
  • Employ a color scheme that incorporated the lemon aspect to tie into the firm’s primary legal focus – but without it being extremely obvious
  • Select and implement photography that speaks to the primary legal focus but that also felt cool and very 2017 then apply a duo-tone effect to the images to align them to the overall brand of the site
  • Employ a very sleek and up-to-date navigation structure that would translate well from desktop to mobile environments
  • Implement non-traditional animation styles, in this case, lazy load and ticker features that take animation out of the banner

View the full site at The Law Office of Robert Starr.

This site has been recognized by the Web Marketing Association’s 2018 Internet Advertising Competition with an award for Outstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising and by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts‘ 2018 Communicator Awards with an Award of Excellence in the Websites – General-Law and Legal Services category.

Screenshot of the original StarrLaw site
Original StarrLaw site
photo of StarrLaw creative documents
StarrLaw creative documents
Photo of StarrLaw final concept for production.
StarrLaw final concept for production.

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