banner image of the Walsh and Gaertner website


This was an online rebranding project for a St. Paul law firm, looking to clean up a previous website project that had ultimately missed the mark, visually. The firm felt that the visual narrative didn’t fit the firm’s personality and unique office location and amenities. The firm’s partners were also keen to showcase the ample custom photos they’s recently had taken, which hadn’t been adequately represented in the previous offering. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to bring the firm more “design forward” and to better play off the firm’s goals. We discussed how we could use the unique interior design of their offices to visually define the firm. It was with this goal in mind that I began designing a site that included the following:

  • Update the font faces to better represent the firm’s personality, which is a mix of austere and friendly
  • Employ a color scheme that showcases the firm’s unique interiors
  • Employ a sleek and up-to-date navigation structure that would translate well from desktop to mobile environments
  • Implement a clear secondary navigation that ensures that the large number of firm practice categories and sub-pages are easy to locate and well-represented, visually
  • Include an unique layout for the firm’s ADR/Mediation practice

This site was awarded with a 2019 Hermes Creative Award (FindLaw)

photo of the previously published Walsh and Gaertner website.
original site – pre-redesign.
composite photo of the updated Walsh and Gaertner website in multiple device formats.

View the full site at Walsh & Gaertner »

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